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Spirex RG

Shimano Spirex RG reel

Rear Drag Spinning Reel

R. M. Bailey: After loosing valuable fishing time untangling birdnest in my kayak, with my bait caster that I used for bass fishing, I decided to give a spin caster a try on windy days going for reds. At first it was awkward, but after a few trips, it is ...

Rating: 4.33

Symetre RJ

Shimano Symetre RJ reel

Nedo: I have 3 Symetre reels and all have performed perfectly. In my opinion there isn't a better reel in this price category or even higher that will out perform a Symetre. This reel operates so smoothly, is perfectly balanced, and built to last. You w ...

Rating: 4.33

Solstace FI

Shimano Solstace FI reel

J. W. Shrum: I bought the 2500 model as a replacement for my cheap walmart reel, which broke after about a week of use, and I am very pleased with my purchase. This is the first reel I have bought that wasn't part of a $20-$30 rod/reel combo and it was wo ...

Rating: 4.2

Sienna FD

Shimano Sienna FD reel

Greg K. Spigarelli: Good product for the price! Front drag easy to adjust and is smooth. 5.2 gear ratio just right. 4 bearings...real smooth ...

Rating: 4.17

Sahara FE

Shimano Sahara FE reel

Big Steelieman: Sahara 3000 FE, Bought it brand new. Occasionally this past fall and spring the reel would not lock in a retrieve direction. The trouble was intermittent. After having to mess with it in the field on occasion the reel would perform prop ...

Rating: 4.12

Saros FA

Shimano Saros FA reel

Crain: I've been waiting for this to get to the stores and yesterday I got a chance to go by my local shop. I will NOT be buying the NEW Saros. I have last year's model and I love it. So I really wanted to get another one for a bigger rod. Can't do it. Ev ...

Rating: 4


Shimano FX FB reel

Michael Beckham: I bought two of these reels, a FX1000, and a FX2500. Both are very well built and work smooth. They cast well and have a good drag.The 1000 size is an ultralite and the 2500 size is a medium-lite reel. If there is a negative it is that th ...

Rating: 4

Spirex FG

Shimano Spirex FG reel

mayhall: The Spirex SR1000FG is nice for the price and fishes well. Smooth drag, smooth-enough retrieve, nice easy quick cast feature. The double handle looks awkward in photo, but is good in use. I'm using Nanofil line successfully. There is inherent p ...

Rating: 3.8

Sedona FD

Shimano Sedona FD reel

Marky: the Sedona 2500 is a great reel! Worth every penny, your gonna love it! its on of my favorite reels. ...

Rating: 3.62

Symetre FL

Shimano Symetre FL reel

paul: The bail spring was week and when the spool was in the high position the bail will not open ...

Rating: 2.5

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