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Fishermen's opinions about Shakespeare



3/26/2013 11:52:36 AM

I don't have any positive comments about Shakespeare except for that fact that they will last if you don't use them every day.

I had too many problems with the warranties to make it worth my while to keep using them.

I do however use Okuma on a daily basis. They have quite a few combos and many of the items have a lifetime, over the counter exchange warranty.
Reviewed by: tubeN



2/12/2013 11:59:00 AM

I have a very old Shakespeare Sigma 60 spinning reel ( 35+ years old ) and wouldn't take anything for it. Its a workhorse and have never had a problem with it.
Would love to have another one.
Reviewed by: Fishin Technician



12/27/2012 11:50:44 AM

I have several models of Shakespeare Rods and Reels - Synergy, Intrepid, Catera, Ugly Stick. Good products for the money. To be sure, they are not the higher end of the scale as far as quality goes. Nevertheless, for the budget minded angler, they are quite durable and with proper care, will deliver good service for many years.

Although I have many very high quality Rods and Reels from the very best of manufacturers , I still often use my Shakespeare gear. Sometimes, and in certain situations, I find that they fit the bill perfectly.
Reviewed by: Fishhound