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Talica II

Shimano Talica II reel

2 speed

TrophyProf: Spooled the reel with 80# Power Pro and used it ground fishing for cod in up to 300 feet of water. Very smooth drag plus the ability to increase the amount of strike drag, up to 40 lbs, to match up with heavier jigs proved invaluable. Look ...

Rating: 5


Shimano TLD reel

FishinDave: The TLD 20 has got to be the smoothest and easiest to use big game reel I have ever fished with. I like being able to change the drag setting while still keeping my fingers on the reel handle. It takes a little getting used to casting, but aft ...

Rating: 5

Tyrnos 2-Speed

Shimano Tyrnos 2-Speed reel

Gregory Po: This is a good reel. The bad thing is that it does not hold enough line. We hooked a 500+ pound jewfish and were almost spooled but then the line broke. Other than that, it is good torque for bottom fish. It also is great for trolling for smal ...

Rating: 5

Talica 20 BFC

Shimano Talica 20 BFC reel

offshore: We will be trying 4 of the Shimano Talica bfc20 reels this year. Had one on the boat for a White-Sailfish trip earlier in the year and it is a truly awesome reel. Just finished spooling them last week. Conventional Reel Cold Forged Aluminum F ...

Rating: 5

Charter Special

Shimano Charter Special reel

Oakieman: Most reliable reels I have. Even first time users have good experiences with them. I love the lever dragon such a reasonably priced reel. ...

Rating: 4.83


Shimano TLD II reel

2 speed

John ommer : I owned a tld for over 10 years with no problems.just kept the reel well oiled and washed after each trip,thinking on getting a 2speed now. ...

Rating: 4.8


Shimano Tiagra reel

Harmond: best conventional reel I ever bought. Its light weight compared to what you can pull in. I spooled 200 yards 80lb power pro and finished it off with 50lb momoi brilliant blue mono and haven't seen the braid since. ...

Rating: 4.8


Shimano Torsa reel


Rating: 0


Shimano Talica reel


Rating: 0

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