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International Baitcast

Penn International Baitcast reel

jordan: this is by far the best saltwater "small" baitcaster for the money. i would rather have this than a calcutta because i think its alot more heavily built. i own both, and i think that if you hook into a larger fish, that the drag will out preform a ...

Rating: 5

Sargus Baitcast

Penn Sargus Baitcast reel

Ellis Feibush: I own both a Sargus and a Battle, both 4000 series loaded with 10lb. Ande line. Once you put a couple of fingerprints of Cals on the metal washers, the drag works smoothly and oiling up bail hinges and line roller guide, the bail works fine ...

Rating: 5

Pursuit Baitcast

Penn Pursuit Baitcast reel

Marko: this reel seems to be very well made ans is smooth as silk. i cant wait to git out and use it again ...

Rating: 5

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