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Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia reels


3/16/2013 8:33:23 PM

I like the competition between Daiwa and Shimano for the top spot. But Abu Garcia seems to be gaining ground on those two by producing lower price reels and innovative features like the adjustable centrifugal breaking and 8:1 gear ratio.
Reviewed by: runmax

Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia reels


3/16/2013 8:32:03 PM

In the past, I've owned Ambassadeurs Ultra cast 4600UC and 5600UC
I still have an Ambassadeur 4600-C3 ... still going strong.
Used them for well over 5 years and never had any issues with the reels.
I own Revo Premiers Gen 2 and been using those for 4 seasons.
Never had a problem with those either.

Last season, I purchased an MGX and never had a problem with that reel either.
Reviewed by: StarTzar

Abu Garcia


3/2/2013 3:01:53 PM

Abu Garcia makes some of the best reels on the market.
Reviewed by: DjBird

Abu Garcia


12/16/2012 3:01:16 PM

Abu Garcia makes an excellent fishing reel and has for years. They perform well and are durable.
I fish for a living and all I use are Abu Garcia fishing reels.
Reviewed by: Rob

Abu Garcia


12/9/2012 3:03:02 PM

Abu Garcia spinning reels are great if you get one that costs more than $70. It seems as though their spinning reels below that price point are rubbish compared to what you can get in a comparably priced Shimano or Pflueger.
Reviewed by: Charlie